Alien Abductions – where to start?

I don’t know about you, but I start with Dr. David M. Jacobs. His organization is the International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR), and his website is UFO Abduction dot com (all one word). If you have had unusual experiences and suspect you’ve undergone an abduction, there is a questionnaire for you on that site. The current link is here.

Yes, I just wrote an article about the Missing 411 phenomenon today. (I also covered the difference between “facts,” “evidence,” and “truth” which was very important!) I think it is fair to say we are in the realm of educated hypotheses when it comes to Missing 411 and alien abduction. At a quick glance it would appear there must be a strong likelihood of an overlap between the two phenomenon. But, not so fast…

It is important to bring up Dr. Jacobs because he appears to be the lead person investigating alien abduction. We hear about alien abduction frequently enough to wonder “who” is taking the time to research and present the phenomenon in a way that is scientific, or at least as close to scientific as possible.

For anybody curious about alien abduction, Dr. Jacobs is definitely a name you need to know. To get a foundational understanding of the alien abduction phenomenon, I recommend his book The Threat. I recently completed the audiobook version of this book. I’ll try and summarize what I learned…

Firstly, there appears to be an overarching alien “singularity.” For example, when you first hear of aliens, you might hear about different races of aliens from different planets, dimensions, galaxies, etc. Some alien websites list dozens of races. At the very least, most ufo and alien enthusiasts have heard about “Greys,” “Reptilians,” and “Nordics.” A popular Nordic-hypothesis is that they are supposed to be a beautiful Caucasian-type of race from the Pleiades constellation. Jacobs says that idea is fantasy* and the so-called Nordics are actually late-stage alien-human hybrids. There is an alien hierarchy…

There are 4 basic levels to the alien hierarchy. 1) At the top of the hierarchy are the insectoids. They are black and have a praying mantis insect type of appearance. 2) The next level is the tall greys AND small amount of some reptilians. (It is not clear how or why the reptilians are in the mix at all.) 3) The next level after that is the small greys. These are like the worker-bees. 4) The last level are the human-alien hybrids. This 4th level has varying levels or stages – perhaps rated as “good,” “better,” and “best” by the more passable they look as native-earth-humans. The ones that look the most human are the ones that other alien-theorists have dubbed as “Nordics.”

So the main thing at this point is you want to shelve what you might have thought about theories of different races of aliens. Maybe there’s something to those theories, but when you’re listening to Dr. Jacobs just put them aside.

THE THING that is going on with human abductions is a BREEDING PROGRAM. Aliens aren’t abducting people to play board games or for any other kinds of purposes. It’s a breeding program, and it may be in fact be a REPLACEMENT PROGRAM. Aliens are creating alien-human hybrids that are A) superior to humans, and B) could easily replace all humans.

It is theorized this is NEW. By new, we mean to say that there is no historical record of anything like this happening before the 1800’s. This alien agenda is theorized to have started in the late 1800’s at its earliest and the 1950’s at its latest.

It is theorized to be FAST. By fast, we mean to say that complete replacement of humans with hybrids could happen in 7 generations. If each generation is 35 years, that’s 245 years, and if you figure about 3 generations coexist simultaneously, you could subtract 70 years from that, thus bringing the total to 175 years.

Dr. Jacobs assembled this picture, narrative, theory, hypothesis – whatever you want to call it – from extensive notes taken from hypnotic regressions from hundreds of abductees. (At this point he has done over 1100 hypnotic regressions with over 150 abductees.) And yes, in his book he does dedicate adequate time and attention to the pitfalls of hypnosis. In my opinion, you either accept hypnosis as valid or you don’t. If you do accept hypnosis as valid, then you have to come up with the most scientific way possible to conduct it, which in my opinion, it appears Dr. Jacobs has.

Here is a fascinating thing about abduction that separates it from, for example, “lucid dreaming” or “astral projection.” During an abduction, the abductee is either bonafide “missing,” or their presence cannot be accounted for. In other words you could be sleeping next to your wife and if she doesn’t wake up to notice that you’re no longer laying next to her – that qualifies as being unaccounted for. Keep that in mind as you dive into this topic!

Paraphrasing a line from some of the political commentary from the late George Carlin: “If you read the news even badly, you know that every year our list of privileges gets shorter and shorter.” If you share that same political sentiment, it would appear that a possible reason our list of privileges is getting shorter and shorter is because we are somehow by magic becoming more docile and more obedient. I’m not going to outright say it’s because our populations are being replaced with alien-human hybrids, but this hypothesis certainly EXISTS.

Before I end this article, I’m also recommending Dr. Jacob’s 2015 book Walking Among Us. I should add more to this article later.

(Originally Published on: Aug 1, 2021 at 15:10)