Brainwaves, frequencies, vibrations

I recently decided there is another important factor to our lives that most overlook. Brain waves. Here is a primer:

I don’t know how accurate this video is, but for brevity, I’m just going to go with it.

Some takeaways from the video…
From 0 to 2, babies waking life brainwaves are in Delta.
From 2 to 6, children’s waking life brainwaves are in Theta.
From 6 to 11, children’s waking life brainwaves are in Alpha.
At about age 12, children’s waking life brainwaves transition fully into Beta.

Brainwaves are measured in hertz. From Science Direct:

Frequency band Frequency Brain states
Gamma (γ) > 35 Hz Concentration
Beta (β) 12–35 Hz Anxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed
Alpha (α) 8–12 Hz Very relaxed, passive attention
Theta (θ) 4–8 Hz Deeply relaxed, inward focused
Delta (δ) 0.5–4 Hz Sleep

And here is how sounds are measured by hertz from CUI Devices.

Sub-bass 16 to 60 Hz upright bass, tuba, bass guitar
Bass 60 to 250 Hz This is the normal speaking vocal range
Lower Midrange 250 to 500 Hz brass instruments, and mid woodwinds
Midrange 500 Hz to 2 kHz violin and piccolo
Higher Midrange 2 to 4 kHz
Presence 4 to 6 kHz Harmonics for the violin and piccolo
Brilliance 6 to 20 kHz Above 6 kHz is where sounds become more like whines and whistles

Facts about brainwaves could hold key secrets to understanding reality. Interestingly, not just important to onironauts and meditators, but likely also relevant to anybody interested in the paranormal.

We tend to think of our reality as being 3-dimensional, something we can understand with our 5 senses of sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and scent – and also, something running through “time.” Additionally, others posit there is a 6th sense we don’t really understand how to use.

I am thinking we need to add brainwaves into the equation. According the video above, our waking life is experienced in beta brainwaves. I would suggest these brainwaves govern our 5 (or 6) senses. For whatever reason, we don’t seem to consider sleep as “reality.” We consider it to be a break from reality and rest. Perhaps we ought to be including this break as part of our overall reality. If anything, the reality is we need sleep. This would suggest that we need to access the other types of brainwaves – alpha, theta, delta, and gamma.

I hypothesize these brainwaves give us access to other spectrums of existing reality. And in fact, access that we need. As they say, nobody really knows why we sleep. It seems pretty clear that what you are accessing in these other wave spectrums you are not allowed to access from the beta spectrum – that is, the waking life spectrum.

At present time I do not know anything about brainwaves in animals, but I am curious. I have heard chatter in paranormal circles about “infrasound” – frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility. I could use more of an understanding of Hertz.

(Originally Published on: Dec 6, 2021 at 16:25)