Does anyone believe in anything? Or do most need to be told what to believe?

There’s an idea that you need a religion in order to have morality, and moreso specifically if you want have a right wing system of morality.

If that’s true, that’s not going to work out very well for Abrahamists. But we can focus on Christians first, why not? Over time, it’s going to become more and more obvious that Jesus Christ is a Jewish myth with no historicity. As you can see, this website is already on that page.

People like to ask, “where do your morals come from?” My opinion is, they come from time, and from getting older. It should be common sense that young people are less moral than older people. It is a basic function of biology, especially young teenage male biology, to more or less be borderline sociopathic during teenage years. There are waves of testosterone that wipe out certain neurology that would otherwise make young males more empathetic. When I learned this, I didn’t feel as stupid as I used to for some of the shit I did in my teenage years.

Conservative morality is simply a moral system that is meant to preserve the race or species. When right wing Abrahamists say liberal morality leads to “death” or “hell” or “damnation” what they ultimately mean is that liberal morality does not preserve the race or species. And they’re not wrong about this.

You don’t really need a mythology to believe what you believe. In fact, I would say it is weak. Pretend you’re Christian and the Jesus story is true and you meet Jesus one day and he asks you “why” you believe what you believe. And you say…, “Because you told me to, Jesus. I’ll do anything you say.” Jesus might then say, “What if I didn’t tell you to believe it? Do you still believe it?” Now you’re suddenly being asked to think for yourself. If Jesus asked you if you believed in abortion when you were 20 years old, you might have given a pro-choice response. If Jesus asks you if believe in abortion when you are 50 years old, you might give a pro-life response. The difference has a lot to do with your biology at whatever age you are. Granted those are age-based stereotypes, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. The reason is because they’re true most of the time.

What I’m seeing in the current trend of “Christian Nationalism” is right wingers hiding under Jesus’s robes. When pushed further as to “why” they believe in this stuff they reveal the same old carrots and sticks of heaven and hell. They’re not actually saying what they believe more than they’re just saying what they can be manipulated into believing “whatever” by carrots and sticks.

People generally know what right wing positions are. They are the opposite of the left, lol. Depending on when and where you were born, maybe right wing positions were always normal – so normal that you didn’t even know what they were. “Patriarchy,” for example. Alas, for most people, patriarchy drifted from “normal” to “a right wing political position.” The left has assigned (or handed out) right wing positions over the last number of decades. “Pro-patriarchy, pro-hetero-normalcy, pro-life, anti-miscegenation, anti-LGBTQ,” etc. 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago, these were just normal. Nobody needed a religion to be those things, but now they do? And now if you believe these positions you have to be hardline and absolutist about these positions? You can’t just say, “I want more of right wing and less of left wing because I think right wing is right and left wing is wrong”? Hell, you can’t say anything in the public square anymore if you hold any of these right wing positions. You can’t hold a protest, you’re not allowed to be popular, and you are definitely not allowed to raise money.

Yet the right wing thinks that by invoking the name “Jesus Christ” they’re going to get a magic pass because “First Amendment freedom of religion.” First of all it’s not working (see Fuentes, Anglin), second of all it makes the right look crazy, and third it’s eventually going to be more of a consensus that Jesus Christ is a myth. I’m not saying Christianity is going to be washed away completely when the boomers pass on, but it’s bound to diminish.

Politics has a significant lack of seriousness in it, yet for whatever reason “Abrahamic religiosity” is what’s going make it serious? Do you know what Joe Biden, Tom Araya, Nick Fuentes, and the pope all have in common? They all say they’re Catholic. You can either let me know when you think you know what “Catholicism” means, or you can let me know when you think I can take Catholicism or Christianity seriously.

Allow me to digress… about a month ago I was thinking maybe the only real forms of Christianity were Amish-ism (a brand of Protestantism) and Orthodox Christianity. Because they were conservative and they produced results. But then I got to thinking about how the Orthodox have a penchant for kissing their crosses and icons and I noped out on Orthodoxy. I don’t know what to make of the Amish. Whatever, it’s not like you can just show up at an Amish church as an outsider. I don’t think you can, anyway.

I had a previous blog article I was working on (still in draft mode) that was going to target redemption theology, but, I think generally speaking, I was probably over-thinking it. You will notice that Catholic and Protestant theology is formulaic – where you buy into a set of propositions and theory. By contrast, it is said that Orthodoxy is more of a literal belief that by practicing a certain lifestyle you will rise from the dead – which seems like a combination of tryhard & superstition. (A theory I have, and likely share with many others, is that our souls may pass on into another realm similar to the astral plane or dream realm. Perhaps a soul can be placed into a new body/vessel what-have-you. But the idea of literally being reconstructed from our ashes or decomposed bodies back onto this planet seems like an incredibly tall order.)

So anyway…, 70% of America is Christian. (50% Protestant, 20% Catholic.) Christianity’s main thing that it’s known for is “salvation.” Look around you. Does America look “saved” to you? Saved from what? America is on a steep suicide dive and Christianity isn’t doing jack shit to save it. The neat formula of redemption theology is so reflective of the boomer tagline of “fuck you, I got mine.” Zionist boomers are going to check out of this shitshow fairly soon and it’s up to normal people to figure out how to survive their offspring’s propensity for tyranny and inclinations towards trans-humanism.

I don’t know what happens from here. You can’t vote your way out. You can’t Christianity your way out. You can be yourself though, and let the chips fall where they may. Start by asking yourself what you really believe. If you insist you’re Christian, ask yourself what you will say when Jesus asks you what you really believe. “I believe in whatever you believe in, Jesus,” is not a real answer.

(Originally Published on: Feb 21, 2022 at 13:49)