Dogman Encounters

One word: gnarly. I discovered Dogman Encounters on YouTube earlier this year. Here is the latest YT-podcast. Gnarly. Vic Cundiff’s vocal style took a hot minute for me to get used to because he does sound different than other podcast hosts. But now I’m used to it and I like it.

I forget how I got into Dogman – I think it might have been the Hidden Existence YT hostess mentioning Dogman to a guest or something? Anyway I started doing some searches for Dogman, quickly found Cundiff’s channel and one of his 3 hour compilations consisting of 3 or 4 different eyewitness interviews. It didn’t take long for me to believe Dogmen are real.

Later on I learned the word “cynocephali” and found this video:

Makes one think, that’s for sure. Once you believe Dogmen are real and then you see a video like that, you do some heavy thinking about what is exactly is real, where everything comes from, and what is going on in this world. I tend to believe most cryptids are real and we are LUCKY that encountering them is a fairly rare occurrence. There are lists of cryptids online, and imho, a new master-list should be created. For example, “Dogman” is sometimes listed as “Michigan Dogman” but Dogman isn’t just in Michigan so in my opinion it should be listed as “Dogman” or double-listed as both “Dogman” and “Michigan Dogman” – or triple-listed if you also want to call it “Cynocephali.”

Here’s something interesting: the legend of St. Christopher is the story of a dog-headed man who converted to Christianity… Um, that uncomfortable weirdness isn’t lost on this website. Can you imagine telling a Christianized Dogman that Jesus never existed? This timeline gets weirder every day. If I ever meet a Dogman and find out he’s Christian, to be honest, I’m just not going to bring up the subject of religion. But if it does come up, I’m going to recommend we go door-knocking in a Jewish neighborhood to do a little soul-winning.

…I would PRESUME the Dogman knows Bigfoot exists? Oh, fuck it. This is too weird. When this website comes out with t-shirts, I’m not going to recommend you wear them in the wilderness. Wear them at metal shows. I’m not responsible for anything that happens if you meet a Christianized Dogman.

(Originally Published on: Jul 21, 2021 at 19:21)