Free Speech and Pride

In my first post about the United States of America, I questioned the First Amendment – specifically in the way it pertains to religion. And I labelled the First Amendment as “idealistic” and “romantic.”

But the way the First Amendment is written it starts with the word “Congress” and it’s talking about what congress isn’t going to do. It is not talking about “you” and what “you” aren’t going to do. It’s not talking about your neighbors, or your family and relatives, or your friends. Most people say they believe in “freedom of speech” not because it makes them feel good, no, they think it’ll lead to themselves eventually getting LAID, lol. If you’re talking about this at a bar, or in the public square, you’re already in the bar or public square for the chance, or the opportunity, to get LAID. You’re talking about protecting the rights of “the little guy” which will ultimately impress women, because women have a uterus and are designed to be mothers who love and care for children. And who are children but the ultimate “little guy” (or girl) in any equation? So, yep: gotcha.

Nobody “really” believes in free speech.

But then you say, “But Mr./Dr. Marlowe, the USA clearly champions freedom of speech because of GAY PRIDE!” I hate to break it to ya, but gay pride has nothing to do with free speech. Gay pride is only a thing because the ocean of straight men who put up with it believe that it will get them LAID. Its existence is ultimately for the purposes of heterosexuality, and hetero mating strategy. LGBTQI is merely a symbol in time that represents “the little guy” and/or “immature children” who need a mother’s love and care. (To be fair, in terms of symbols it’s quite a devolution of a symbol.) As soon as oceans of heterosexual men decide that LGBTQI support is not a viable strategy to get LAID, LGBTQI will start to become a lot less popular.

There are two words in “gay pride.” That is, “gay,” and “pride.”

Gay. Nobody is really sure if being gay is something you’re born with or something you evolve/devolve into. But “gay” is ultimately a minority demographic, and it is the opposite of the majority demographic. In other words, the only people who truly care about “gay” are the gays. Let’s put it this way, football fans only put up with ballet for a short time, and it’s only because they’ve been talked into it. Nobody is really interested in the opposite of what they interested in for very long unless there is some kind of reasonable reward for it.

Pride. Most people believe it’s common sense to limit your own display of self-pride, simply to get along with others in the public square. About the maximum amount of self-pride available to you is on your birthday, which lasts 24 hours, and then it’s back to the usual. As far as “what” to be proud of, being proud of your own meta-data should be kind of self-evidently available to anyone as they feel they need access to it. Eg, feeling your Irish-self today? Express it. By meta-data, I mean race, ethnicity, sex, gender, preferences — anything that could be said to make up your genetic identity. It is generally “not cool” to shame people for things they were born with. Although historically, gays have been shamed here and there. They have been hiding “in the closet” so they won’t get burned at the stake by… Christians. So as a favor to LGBTQI, people have allowed LGBTQI to have basic access to their own self-pride. However, you might notice that lately it’s been a vogue thing for LGBTQI advocates to reciprocate their new out-and-proud status by directing SHAME at targets of their choice. For example, shame is now directed toward anybody heterosexual, white, male, or any combination thereof – for being heterosexual, white, male, or any combination thereof. So do people really believe in pride? No. They enjoy a moment in time of elevated status, even if it’s only an illusion.

But, speaking of hiding in the closet – why are Freemasons still calling themselves a “secret society”? Does that not imply they too, are “hiding in the closet”? Who will finally free the Freemasons and let them be out-and-proud? I am only jesting. I speculate Freemasons must believe that there are advantages of being secretive otherwise they wouldn’t label themselves a secret society. I mention it just to show there is an example of a demographic that doesn’t list pride as a top core value.

“Pride” and “gay,” are only a thing for people genuinely interested in those things. It is not at all representative of “Freedom of Speech” being a core value that some kind of majority of Americans citizens believe in. In my humble opinion, Americans are known for their American men, willing to do or say any number of crazy things to get the attention of women. And American women are “beautiful,” “interesting,” or “unique” only by the speculation of how who-they-are has the magic ability to get American men to do or say such crazy shit – like skydiving, joining the military, or advocating for gay pride parades. Americans are likely more motivated by the “pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence than they are by “Freedom of Speech” promised in the First Amendment. Pursuit of happiness, lol. Pursuit of DAT ASS and gettin’ LAID is more like it.

I don’t mean to ironically boil this down to heterosexual sex, but, seriously, as I said, USA the country is now USA the Economic Zone. Speech has limits. Pride has limits. America is not some kind of free speech free-for-all or self-expression free-for-all. When should you have noticed free speech has limits? The days that followed 9/11 are an excellent marker. Remember when GW said something about “Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”? The USA-EZ moves in the direction of the elites’ choosing. They don’t want any resistance. LGBTQI is just a bit of circus and theater and if it gives you the illusion of “free speech” I imagine they’re well amused.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

(Originally Published on: Jun 13, 2021 at 18:20)