Hooded Figures

“Gnarly” is just an adjective I’m going to throw around a lot I guess. In case you didn’t know, it can either mean “good” or “bad.” I’m also using it to kind of take some of the weight off of “bad.” In the case of hooded figures, I think that’s a great linguistic strategy, also possibly helpful to one’s overall TMS; terror management system. So for example, hooded figures are known to be a source of dread and terror, and dread and terror, generally is a “bad feeling” just with a high exponential factor. So you have two choices: 1) you can stack up negative adjectives in your writing to try and describe what the feeling is, or, 2) you can dumb it down just a tad – and the reason for doing so is to keep your reader reading, while you-the-author can get some other aspects addressed. So hooded figures: gnarly. Ok: gnarly af.

This episode of Bigfoot Odyssey is about one of their gnarliest, maybe even their most gnarly. Ugh. Not easy to get through, but, imho, important to get through. In it, Barton talks about an encounter with hooded figures.

Much can be discussed about this video, and I think much should be discussed about this video.

I myself, the author of this website, had a dream some time ago where a hooded and faceless figure appeared. And, yes, it was fucking gnarly. And since that dream, I have had some serious concern about hooded figures. Who wouldn’t??? Why, in God’s name, do they appear? Who are they, and what do they want??? One of my favorite books on lucid dreaming addresses hooded figures in one of its chapters, but almost omits the gravity of hooded figure situations. I did some searching online for more answers and was not coming up with much, let alone much that helped. There is definitely a dearth of useful information about hooded figures. What we need is a WEALTH of information about them. No kidding.

After persistent searching, I eventually found a YT podcast about dreams that I absolutely fell in love with because I felt it was getting somewhere! This world needs more people interviewing people about their dreams.

In this interview, interviewee Fiala describes his encounters with a hooded figure. I found this incredibly helpful and useful.

YouTube health advice guru Doctor Eric Berg advises that Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) can prevent nightmares. If you’re being haunted by hooded figures and/or nightmares and are willing to try anything, by all means, buy yourself a bottle of Vitamin B1. I find it strange that hooded figures would only attack the B1-deficient, but, whatever. We live in a crazy world, maybe it really is like that.

So the reason I bring up hooded figures, is I think they are “a thing” to be contended with. I also think hooded figures open up a can of worms when it comes to what we mean when we say something is “real.” At this website, we’re brainstorming a solution for talking about “real.” Eg, “real as in – in this world,” or “real as in – the astral plane or behind-the-veil.” And what do we make of forms on the astral plane or “behind the veil”? In the Barton interview, a listener easily comes away with the hypothesis that these entities, and others, can travel in both worlds. While it’s not terribly likely a hooded figure is going manifest right before your eyes in your living room in the waking world right now as you read this article – one could say “it’s possible” or “it’s not impossible.”

Reports suggest hooded figures primarily appear in dreams. It is my opinion that we should be talking about dreams, studying dreams, and paying attention to dreams. I’m not of the Kabbalah-philosophy of “as above so below” (as in the astral plane, so in the real world?) but I am of the opinion that things that happen in the astral plane are indeed important and are “real” to the astral plane. Your existence and participation on/in the astral plane has importance. Or at the very least your existence and participation on/in the astral plane is not-unimportant.

I wish I had more information to offer. If you or someone you know is being haunted by hooded figures, my current advice is: “know that you can overcome.” Then, find a way.

(Originally Published on: Jul 23, 2021 at 16:08)