Politics: there are only 3 kinds of people

There are only 3 kinds of people in the world of politics.

  1. Nationalistic vertebrates.
  2. Degenerate invertebrates.
  3. Hybrids.

We all know what liberals are. But many wonder what “conservatives” are. Answer: they are “diet-liberals.” In an anti-matter-Ann-Coulter sense, liberals are waiting for conservatives to be perfected. And via progress, aka, progressivism, eventually it happens. Moral of the story is liberals and conservatives are the same animal, and all you will ever get from either is a circus and clown show of varying intensity. Liberals and conservatives believe in all of the same things except the degree in which they believe them. If you are confused about this, review the Hermetic principle of polarity.

In an earlier article, I wrote about the world’s 2nd oldest profession. Which is the politician. Like the prostitute, the politician has no principles. A principle is something that cannot be purchased or compromised. Liberals are the low-end hookers in politics and conservatives are the high-end hookers in politics. Neither have a spine. Unfortunately, greater than 99% of American politicians are liberals and conservatives.

Nationalists are the only serious people in politics. Because they have a spine, nationalists are the only people that enter politics with no intention of becoming hookers. And if they’re successful at never-becoming-hookers, things can happen. Now and again, it’s possible that a nationalist may have the spine ripped out of them from some demonic entity or something.

So. Nobody really needs to vote until they see nationalists on the ballot. Until then, every ballot cast is a gamble, and similar to gambling, one will usually find that they lost. Even if they won.

You might ask, “what is a libertarian?” A libertarian is either a crypto-nationalist, or a nationalist-without-a-country. A libertarian behaves as something of an expat or polite guest in the country he is residing in. Libertarians are people with good luck. Wherever they reside, they find ways to amicably agree-to-disagree here and there with whatever neighbors may require it. When it comes to wars and political fights (which are the same thing) libertarians weigh their options. For example, they may ask “is this the hill I want to die on?” Or, “is this a war that my team can realistically win?” There are many cases where there are less-than-worthy-hills to fight for. And there are cases where the proposed war is too quixotic to fight. Libertarians are quick to spot unworthy hills and unwinnable wars, and when this happens they find ways out of fighting for them. However, they can choose to become nationalists – and therefore fight – if the proposed hill appears to be a worthy hill worth dying on and it’s a reasonably winnable fight. Thus, a libertarian is a hybrid vertebrate/invertebrate.

There are no other positions. Send me an email if you think I’m wrong.

(Originally Published on: Mar 31, 2022 at 16:58)