Sasquatch Chronicles featuring Survivorman Les Stroud

Anyone into this Bigfoot phenomena needs to listen to this episode. Tons of insight and information.

So over the past 24 hours I’ve been trying to binge-watch the Survivorman Bigfoot series. It’s awesome, and I recommend it. I’m not a TV-watcher, and I never got into the original Survivorman series, though I remember hearing about it back when it came out. So I didn’t really know who Les Stroud was until I heard this episode of Sasquatch Chronicles and started watching his Bigfoot series. One thing I like about him is his sense of humor! You gotta wait for it, but at some point he’ll say something goddamn funny during an episode. Example: in one episode he briefly analyzed a couple of large scat (shit) samples on the road trying to figure out “who could have done it,” “what was their intention,” and “who couldn’t have done it.” At the end of the analysis he casually walks away saying, “It’s not mine…” Lol af.

In Episode 6, of which he talks about in the SC episode I embedded above, there is camera footage of a disappearing apple (and 3 chocolate bars) that was placed high in a tree, and at the end of the clip there is a creature’s head toward the bottom the screen – indicating the creature was maybe 6 and 1/2 feet tall.

The famous “disappearing alien” video came to my mind as a comparison. Here it is embedded.

The act of “disappearing” in fantasy fiction was most popularized by Lord of the Rings. It has been said that invisibility is a super-power most coveted by bad people, criminals, because it would allow you to hide what you do and where you are. (Lol, keep that in mind when dating surveys inquire whether you would prefer the superpower of flight or invisibility.) Make of this paragraph what you will.

There are good cameras and bad cameras. I understand cameras “burp” from time to time and some camera footage can fudge an event. It is not uncommon for motion detection technology to make a figure look like they suddenly appeared or disappeared out of the frame or are missing a limb or something. And I understand cameras can “go blind” and other technology can be rendered temporarily useless during paranormal phenomena. In spite of this, I think there are legitimate pieces of footage wherein a camera is not lying. I hypothesize the disappearing apple and the disappearing alien both qualify as legitimate acts of LOTR-style disappearance caught on camera.

As far as guessing motivations and intentions to utilize invisibility, my initial guess is the character in question feels the situation is suspicious. If ordinary humans have a 6th sense “muscle” to suspect suspiciousness, it would seem well-logical that supernatural beings have that same type of 6th sense too, but their muscle for it is 10 to 100 times stronger than ours.

Skeptics don’t exactly say this, but the general attitude of skeptics suggests that they believe these supernatural creatures don’t know how human technology works. That sounds logical, and I think that’s probably correct. So my hypothesis is that they see human technological devices and just label them as suspect and having intentions that would be bad-for-them. Bad for their self-preservation. There was a Mysterious Universe podcast a while back about plants and their reaction to music, and it was hypothesized that plants could quantify and measure the intentions of a musical artist based on the music the plants could “hear.” I think it’s safe to say we can copy-and-paste that superpower onto our theories of DNA supernatural beings have. Maybe we can call that power “intention quantification.”

My theory is these beings see Les Stroud as a kind of “scout.” And they round his intentions down to the lowest common denominator as “bad-for-them.” These beings seem to understand if they are proven to be real that there would more than likely be a war declared against them, and they are not interested in that.

Here’s a hypothesis you might not have considered: “California wildfires are an attempt by the super-rich to clear their neighborhoods of cryptids.” Humans cannot fight and win a fair and symmetrical war against cryptids, but they (“we,” I guess) can drop bombs where the delivered punishment will be massively disproportionate to the crimes. (Hell, that’s the Judeo-Christian Western way, but don’t get me started on that. “Coexist” bumper stickers, lol.)

The fact that some cryptids have allegedly abducted some humans, imho, isn’t to say that they have declared or are actively conducting a war against humanity. I think they enjoy being in a position to steal from humans whenever they want to, and repeatedly getting away with it is just an added benefit. To them it’s not war, it’s just “living.”

I might change my political position on this later, but at the moment, I think we should drop all of our scientific quests for scientific evidence on these beings. However, I hypothesize we won’t, and the consequence of that will be that we will inevitably scientifically prove these things exist, and that will be the death of humanity. Factor in AI (artificial intelligence) developments, and yes, it’s inevitable. And the consequence is this; speaking poetically here: powers-that-be will declare cryptids as a virus we have to vaccinate against every 6 months to win the “War on Cryptids.” The last thing we need is the USA to declare a war on anything because all it ever does is add more to infinity corruption, infinity erosion, infinity destruction, and infinity degeneration. Ideally we need to pivot away from “science-ism.” Science isn’t bad, but we have a Belphagoric addiction and dependency on it.

In my opinion, the science is already in and we have enough of it already. These things have the powers of invisibility and we don’t.

(Originally Published on: Jan 9, 2022 at 14:38)