The Bigfoot Question

Actually, there is no Bigfoot question. Bigfoot is real. Bigfoot exists. But I thought I would entitle this entry “The Bigfoot Question” because I kind of think it’s funny to call it a question.

And, I like the name “Bigfoot.” Some people in the “Bigfoot community” don’t like the name Bigfoot and they want to call it Sasquatch or anything else. I understand their argument that Bigfoot is kind of a cartoonish name, but c’mon. If you see a massive-sized footprint in the dirt somewhere the one thing you know for sure about the being that made it is… it has BIG feet. And as a matter of fact, I don’t mind using the plural form of Bigfoot – “Bigfeet.” Maybe that’s just me and my personal tastes. Maybe I like to be a little bit contrarian.

So anyway, I’m not sure exactly when I went down the Bigfoot rabbit hole. Last year? Two years ago? I think it was a 4chan post about the Missing 411 phenomenon that first got me started. I didn’t know anything about Missing 411, so I looked into it was horrified af. Which should be anyone’s reaction, imho. That’s a different rabbit hole, but it’s somewhat related to the Bigfoot rabbit hole kind of because it’s a terrestrial style or earthbound style event. Compared to UFOs for example, UFO’s are an “outer space” styled event that are not-of-this-earth. But once I got to thinking that weird shit wasn’t just coming from “out there” but was also “on here” that got me interested in revisiting the topic of Bigfoot and questioning where I thought I stood on the subject. I hadn’t actually given it much thought to be honest. I was always more concerned or preoccupied with ufology. Who isn’t? If you like sci-fi and Star Wars, why wouldn’t you also be interested in ufology? I digress.

So I went down the Bigfoot rabbit hole and… was horrified. Lol, I’m always getting horrified – it’s a bit exhausting. I have not had a personal Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounter. Well, to be honest I might have had some kind of paranormal vampire-style encounter once one late night in Oregon but that’s a different, albeit related, story. Maybe I’ll blog about that experience sometime. It’s a short story. But as I was saying I haven’t had a Bigfoot experience but I do believe Bigfeet are real. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have started this site.

A couple of YouTube channels I recommend regarding Bigfoot encounters is the How to Hunt channel and the Sasquatch Chronicles channel. There are more and maybe someday I’ll compile a list. But sometimes lists are unfair because I’m sure I’ll be missing somebody and this is a topic where I shouldn’t be coming across as authoritative. You’re an adult with a computer, you know how to find stuff online.

One thing I’ve learned is that there is a little bit of weird shit going on across the entire planet. Actually maybe it’s more like “a lot” and not a little. I once binge watched 12 seasons of Ancient Aliens and that got me thinking about a much broader range of topics. If you ever want to get into a flame war online with the “Skeptic Community” I recommend you start with crop circles and megaliths first and then work your way into Sasquatch and UFOs. But as I was saying there’s a little bit of weird shit going on everywhere. And when I think about the USA, I think we have inherited* (pick whatever term you want) quite a land with quite a lot of weird-ass paranormal shit going on in it that we definitely need to pay attention to. In terms of being a white dude of European descent, I sometimes wonder what kind of weird-ass paranormal shit did my ancestors leave behind in Britain and the rest of Europe? It appears we went from one land that had weird-ass paranormal shit and we moved across the ocean to another land that had weird-ass paranormal shit. And it’s like maybe there’s really no 100% escape from it. The best thing about weird-ass paranormal shit is that it tends to be mostly rare and not particularly common. Your best experience is the one you don’t have, so to speak. But I bring up the USA and North America’s weird-ass paranormal shit because there were an indigenous people living here – 1st nations people, Native Americans, Indians, not sure what the acceptable term is these days – and these people had their own understandings, experiences, and relations with the paranormal and supernatural stuff that was happening on the land. They know all about the Sasquatch and other types of beings. It would behoove us to engage in a lot more dialogue with Native Americans, take them seriously, and come to understand them more. This is already common sense in the Bigfoot community, but I think it’s important to mention it here on this site because it’s relevant to our mission; to upgrade our terror management systems.

So what do I think Bigfeet are? I don’t know for sure, but I follow different theories that are like “motifs.” I don’t have a theory that “I” came up with, and I can certainly riff off other people’s theories as well as anyone and ask questions that add plausible ideas. For scientific information, the website Sasquatch Genome Project dot-org is worth checking out. There are some good interviews of SGP team member Dr. Melba Ketchum online. I also recommend a theorist named Lloyd Pye. He made a documentary called “Everything You Know Is Wrong: Human Origins.” He shows how the archeological evidence used to construct mainstream theories they teach in schools can actually make better and more compelling alternative theories if you use just a little bit of critical thinking. This is a good starting point to see where you agree and disagree. Generally, the theme of Pye’s theory is “we” are not native to planet earth, the Sasquatch is. The Sasquatch actually fits into the environment whereas “we” seem to need a lot of tools and materials. And while I’m not a Bible-believer, I do think it’s worth revisiting the story of Jacob and Esau. The O.T. myth-theory is that the Sasquatch descends from Esau. You can find a good animation of the story on YouTube. As far as “Woo” versus “Aper” in Bigfoot theories (Magic vs Science), I am of the Woo camp.

Certainly I’m not alone contemplating this particular aspect of the Sasquatch, but one thing I’ve wondered about is whether they live underground and have elaborate tunnel systems. They are reported to have eye-glow, for example. Eye-glow would seem like a natural headlight tool, which would seem quite useful if you’re spending a lot of time in the dark. And from all reports, they appear strong enough to move as much dirt and earth as they want.

Relevant to Lloyd Pye’s documentary and somewhat worthy of note, I am disinclined to believe any kind of “Cradle-of-Civilization,” “Single-Origin,” “Out-of-Africa,” “Pangea,” “Hebrew-People-First,” “We all came from single-celled organisms” theories of human origin. I’m not saying I know all of those are wrong, but I am saying I have no reason to believe them. Those theories are regularly and routinely politicized, which immediately makes them suspect.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

(Originally Published on: Jun 14, 2021 at 00:45)