The Freemasonry Question

Strangely, to understand what’s going on, we have to understand Freemasonry. The embedded video here is by Altiyan Childs. He’s the latest man to produce a video explaining (and exposing) Freemasonry, and it’s a good video. Of course, you can feel free to skip the video if you know a thing or two about Freemasonry. But if you don’t know anything about it, it’s not at all a bad start.

Here are a couple more videos very worthy of reference.

These last two videos have quite an overlap, and we should probably expect them to, and they do.

My goal is to describe the motifs, and then shrink them down for you (maybe they’ll appear as an acronym in future posts) so you can work with them a bit easier. So let’s talk about some key points.

1. The Flood. Noah’s flood was estimated to have occurred at about 500 BCE.
2. The Flood was caused by the Jewish main-God “Yahweh.” (I call it the Jewish main-God, because many are convinced Judaism isn’t monotheistic. Ex: DuckDuckGo “Shekinah Goddess.”)
2.5 Christians believe in a trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The son is Jesus Christ. The Father is, technically, Yahweh. Though results may vary depending who you talk to. (I think Christians need to just call the Father “the Father” and drop the whole “Yahweh” thing, but they’re not exactly emailing me for my opinion.)
3. Post-flood Abrahamists (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) will tell you Yahweh caused the flood to cleanse the Earth of its wickedness.
4. Abrahamism isn’t exactly honest about this, but, Yahweh is more or less responsible for the pre-flood wickedness that he was trying to clean up. You kind of have to pin them down on this. If this is true, Yahweh is therefore a Demiurge. You can click the link for the wiki article. But here is Andrew Mark Henry’s shorthand definition of demiurge. And my paraphrasing: a demiurge is a lower being that is the creator of this imperfect material world. Thus in terms of theodicy (explanation of evil), Yahweh is ultimately responsible for evil. Bjerknes takes it a step further by stating Yahweh is a cacodemon.
**(Bjerknes defines a cacodemon as “a type of demon that requires evil works for it to be appeased.” While this claim may trigger Abrahamists of all stripes, it is a very congruent explanation for Abrahamic bad luck. Abrahamic bad luck is a big enough subject worthy of its own article.)

So let’s drill into point number 4 just a tad deeper. Adam & Eve create Cain, Abel, and Seth. Cain killed Abel, btw. Cain is therefore an evil guy. Cain has children, some of them are women. These women are called “Daughters of Cain.”

Meanwhile, Yahweh isn’t the only celestial being in heaven. He has company with him called angels. One third of the angels fall from heaven (because they are evil and bad). Likely, they were all male. And they are called “Sons of God.” These Sons of God procreated with, theoretically, Daughters of Cain (because Cain is the evil son, so obviously his daughters are also evil and had no psychological therapists). The Hebrew word for who they begat is הַנְּפִילִ֛ים, which means “the fallen” according to Google translate. This Hebrew word is translated as “giants” by the King James Bible, and “nephilim” by other Bible versions. Remember one third? Note that 33⅓ is a very important number.

This website indeed concedes that giants DID exist in the past. Megaliths, for example, are pretty difficult to explain without considering giants.

What Jews and Christians say about these giants is they went all around the globe to rule other nations, and they had descendants whose bloodlines trace back to these giants and the fallen angels, and these descendants were usually the monarchs that ruled the nations they were in. Further, they say when these giants died, they were NOT allowed to go back into heaven. Their bodies were mortal but their spirits were immortal. AND, these spirits are evil demons. Some of the spirts were thrown into an abyss, and others wander the earth – beliefs vary. You know what’s funny, is I NEVER learned this in the Catholic High School I went to, or the Lutheran College I went to, or the Episcopal churches I used to attend. Yet, this belief IS undeniably what should come up if you go down the rabbit hole with a rabbi or priest IF they truly know their eschatology. This is a case where I feel Abrahamists are not being forthcoming and honest.

Pivoting back to Freemasonry, Freemasons aren’t particularly forthcoming or honest either. But the riddle is solved with 33⅓. In Revelation 12:3-4 we learn about a red dragon whose tail sweeps a third of the stars from heaven and down to the earth. Freemasons are very excited about climbing their hierarchical structure to it’s highest level of 33⅓ degrees. Disneyland features the secret Club 33, revealing Walt Disney himself was a Freemason.

If you were to corner a 33⅓ degree Freemason, they’d eventually tell you that their religion (which they use Orwellian semantics to say it isn’t a religion but a “fraternity”) has a bunch of pre-flood (aka antediluvian) secret knowledge, from the giants themselves, starting with the Egyptians. Why the Egyptian giants? Well, why not? My guess is because the Pharaoh was the first Hitler to enslave the Jews. There’s more to it than that, but this is a blog article, not a book. But, you can also include the Greco-Roman pantheons and the Norse pantheons. I think the key is proximity to Europe. Egypt isn’t Europe, but it isn’t that far for Europeans to travel too.

Anyway, you might have heard stories about Christianity destroying European Paganism and killing European “Pagans”, but you probably didn’t get to learn the root reason as to why they did it. They believed that Pagans were worshipping leftover idols of evil giants descended from evil fallen angels who were supposed to have been destroyed by The 500 BCE Flood. Alas… one thing they leave out of the story is they believe that the giants and fallen angels are from Yahweh’s original heavenly group. I presume they leave it out because it’s an inconvenient idea to say, “I don’t know who ‘Zeus’ is, but, his father was a friend of our God Yahweh, and Yahweh requests that you gotta stop having religious connections with Zeus now.” It gets weird when you consider that Abrahamists are claiming ALL of the Gods around the GLOBE are descendants of Yahweh’s fallen angels.

Most Christians have run out of gas on this idea. Door-to-door proselytizing and evangelizing is just not a big thing in Christianity this year of 2022 CE. They don’t even really go to the low-hanging fruit areas like INDIA that is wildly polytheistic. If you google how many Gods there are in Hinduism, you get a very conspicuous number. 33 million. THIRTY THREE million. Not 34, not 35, not 81, no… it’s allegedly 33. Million. (Gee, I wonder how that got put in the search results.) But it would seem like these Gods are procreating like rabbits. Soon there will be 33 billion.

Some Jewish rabbis are extraordinarily concerned. Do any video search for “rabbi idol worship” in the search, and listen to the concern flow. Remember: every last God represented around this globe can be traced back to a descendant of Yahweh’s fallen angels. It might take them 6 hours before they say it, but that’s ultimately their mythology and eschatology. The number 1 law in the Noahide Laws is “Do not worship idols.” Because, those are Yahweh’s ex-friends.

To hit the sore spot even harder, Freemasonry plays into it by many of them claiming that (the very Promethean) Lucifer is their God. (The archetype is “the light bearer,” and “the one who steals knowledge from the Gods and gives it to man.”) Some of them may deny it, but, they’ll do so using the same Orwellian semantics they used to deny they are a religion.

To be honest, there is a lot I don’t know about Freemasonry. But we can get a pretty good glimpse of what it is by showing the Abrahamism it has reacted to.

Myself, and this website, concedes that there were giants in BCE times. I and this website also concede that there are evil spirits, or wraiths, or demons (or whatever terminology Abrahamists would like to use) wandering the earth. Although in my opinion I think they are rare, and they elude science like how all paranormal things are rare and elude science. However, I see the Abrahamist explanation for these things (giants and evil spirits) as simply a mythological formula. It is a great formula in that it is solvent and congruent. But, since it is mythology and not science, it is incredibly easy to poke holes into it. We are left with playground rhetoric like, “My God can beat up your God.” The real-world consequence of literalizing a mythology and eschatology is a dangerous, annoying, and cartoonish mixture of narcissism and hubris. Is Judaism 6 million percent sure that every single thing others claim to be a God or demigod in this universe is an ex-friend of Yahweh’s heavenly class of angels? Really? You’re just going to think of the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate, ad infinitum entity and say “I win” in your mental God-fight? Well, that’s… pretty gay.

Having a solvent and congruent formula does not prove the reality of this universe and/or multiverse. The existence of Satanism doesn’t prove Jesus existed. And the existence of Freemasonry doesn’t prove that Abrahamic mythology has historicity, nor that Abrahamic eschatology is true. This is analogous to the confounding issue of string-theory equations: solvency on a dry-erase board doesn’t prove anything other than solvency on a dry-erase board.

(Originally Published on: Jan 20, 2022 at 20:21)