The World’s 2nd Oldest Profession

The world’s oldest profession is prostitution.

The world’s 2nd oldest profession is politics.

These two are basically the same thing. A prostitute is a woman who is paid to sacrifice her most important characteristic, her sexual propriety, for the highest amount of money possible. And she does this over and over again, making a living, and eventually calling this her career. A politician is a man who tricks other men into believing he will advocate for their most important values and interests, but instead compromises them for as much money as possible. And he does this over and over again, making a living, and eventually calling this his career.

Americans seem to misunderstand how politics works. The best example of this is the continued effort of people to find a “pure” politician who shares their interests and values BUT won’t sell them out. Sorry, but to engage in that behavior is to completely misunderstand what it means for a politician to be a politician. To be a politician is to BE the dark triad of 1) machiavellian 2) narcissistic, and 3) psychopathic.

Theoretically, only a clergyman or some kind of monastic can actually advocate for your interests and values and not sell you out. (I say theoretically of course for the obvious reasons; that we know of countless clergy types who have sold their souls and should never be near children.) It’s my opinion that religiousness is the only force that has the capacity to reign in politicians. Lol, and prostitutes. They can’t stop them from being evil, but they can make them less evil. Lol, yes, I said “less evil.”

Pretending America could revert from being an Economic Zone back into a country featuring normalcy, it is my theory that Christianity would have to transform from it’s status as impotent into something useful. Americans were a European stock that escaped the British monarchal system and theoretically there was good reason to do so. But now we have a super-sized-mega-government run by hundreds or thousands of man-whores in suits telling us they’re not going to be whores anymore every election cycle. And if you count all the alphabet soup agencies with unelected phantom-people it’ll give you an absolute migraine. Is this really better than a monarchal system and if it is how on earth could anybody prove it? For a while it seemed like we could laugh at Britain and say, “Ha, ha, we sure showed you.” But now? Can we still do that? Sure, our English is better and our teeth are better. We definitely have that going for us. But what else? Our heavy metal bands?

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

(Originally Published on: Jun 13, 2021 at 23:09)