Thoughts on Richard Dolan’s alien psychology speculations… (draft)

(This article is in draft form at this time. So I will be editing it… eventually.) You can always count on Richard Dolan for some of the most intelligent speculation out there. His latest YT video from August 31 had a lot of great nuggets to chew on. Before we get to my comments on his speculation, you should check out the actual video, so here it is:

Before I start, I notice there is quite a bit of overlap with Dr. David Jacob’s book, The Threat; a must-read in my humble opinion.

At around the 11 minute mark, he says, aliens have an ability to manage our cognitive, memory processes. (And emotional processes too, noted at the 15 minute mark and 20 minute mark.)

At around the 13 minute mark; it’s not always a normal evolutionary need to get a bigger and bigger brain over time. He says humans had bigger brains 10,000 years ago, approximately 1 ice cream scoop more of brain.

At about the 15 minute mark, he says aliens have a very high level intelligence to manage us (humans), but have very little in the way of communication or expression. They don’t bond with others in a normal biological way that we do.

At around the 16 minute mark, he says Aliens are hive-minded and he speculates there may be a neuralink that they all share. He mentions the bird phenomenon of convergence as an example of a hive mind.

At the 18 minute mark, he says humans have developed a strong sense of individuality over the last period of our development. He says, “I don’t think this was the case in earlier history.” He’s right, but I also wonder if he knows he’s right more than he lets on how much he knows he’s right. He’s right on the line of touching the race issue of humans. Generally speaking, yes there are different races, and in earlier times that’s how humans were naturally divided. Also remember there were a lot fewer humans on earth in earlier times, and there was really no need to intermingle not nearly the way races do today. The Western melting pot phenomenon is new – see the wiki for more information.

At the 19 minute mark he says that individuality grew with the liberal-democratic ideology. Again, he’s right but I also wonder if he knows he’s right more than he lets on how much he knows he’s right. He even says, “you might wonder if it’s an aberration…” I’ll put $5 on bingo right there. I’ll explain why in a moment. Then he says, “could it revert back to a more collective psychology?”

At the 20 minute mark he says the taller greys have a powerful emotional effect on abductees. Often* (not sure how often?) it’s a feeling of love. The feeling is described as very intense and powerful and in some cases abductees have reported it’s the most beautiful or intense feeling of love they have ever known. (Crazy!) And by the 23 minute mark he says it seems to him it sounds like these beings just know how to control us and push our buttons.

At 24 minutes he says the only messages abductees seem to report receiving from the aliens (during the “love” transmission) are trite and meaningless statements like, “you are special,” and “we love you.” He says these certainly don’t seem genuine.

At 26 minutes he says the evidence shows there is a hierarchy in alien society.

At 27 minutes he says none of them mention anything like a family structure or friendship.

At 28 minutes he says alien interest in humans is partially due to their intrigue about human emotions, as it appears aliens have very very little in the way of emotion. (Although the main reptilian emotion seems to be “arrogance.” 35 minute mark.)

(The audio cuts out at the 30:26 minute mark but resumes at 33:19. Oops!)

Eventually he starts discussing the human-looking aliens. At around the 37 minute mark he says there is evidence of infiltration but the group does not want their presence to be known. (As we have heard before.) At 39 minutes he says we have to wonder if they have problems with loyalty in the human society they’re embedded in and might “go native.”

At the 40 minute mark, Dolan recalls that in his book Alien Agenda that all of the types of aliens are “extremely conservative.” And that they see us a problem that needs to be managed. Again, he is hitting the subject of different human races pretty hard here but not really touching it. Dolan says evidence of their conservatism is that they appear to have incredible adherence to long term plans – eg, if they have had such long term observance of this planet. He also says this kind of conservatism needs strong leadership. At 41 minutes he says by contrast “volatile and ever-changing” is an adequate description of us humans.

At 42 minutes Dolan wonders whether aliens are serving a “mighty algorithm.”

At 46 minutes, Dolan says that one of the members on his website suggested that perhaps human inability to be telepathic comes across as like some sort of handicap, like being deaf.

At 47 minutes he talks about aliens having “containers for souls” (presumably on board mothership crafts?)… Can aliens create a human body and then inhabit it with a soul?

And close to 48 minutes he says he notes that many people are pinning all of their hopes on aliens saving humanity somehow. (Who hasn’t noticed this?)

At 50 minutes he says, “One thing is clear, we are experiencing a shocking and dramatic transformation of our global civilization right now. It is worth asking, ‘Have any alien groups had a hand in this transformation?'” I agree.

(Draft Originally Published on: Sep 5, 2021 at 10:50)