Missing 411 – David Paulides Presents Cases from Israel, Colorado & Montana

May 1, 2022. This video contains the following missing person cases:
A. M. Burroughs, 70 Years, Missing Sept 29, 1928, Westcliffe, CO
James Pike, 56 Years, Missing Sept 1, 1969, Judean Wilderness, Israel
William Faber, 74 Years, Missing July 20, 1934, Glacier, National Park

First of all, watch this video.

My website might turn out to be a commentary site, who knows. I don’t know how necessary my commentary is overall, but I have commentary to present so why not present it. I do think a lot of people should be talking about Paulides’ work, and I’m definitely willing to talk about it.

So, three Episcopalian leaders going missing in the 411-style is intriguing. Good heavens, I was baptized Episcopalian, so I’m certainly intrigued. (Please review my Jesus article if you want to know where I stand regarding Christianity.) Why them?

I know enough about Episcopalianism to know it’s very liberal. Sure, one could say the liberalist values have something to do with their disappearances, but I think it’s more the liberalist-style mindset, a mindset which I think lends itself to naivety and romantic notions. This mindset encourages people to always doubt, question, or ignore their intuition, which could disable their 6th sense entirely.

This mindset trend in Episcopalianism isn’t exclusive to Episcopalianism. Christianity is loaded with “Diet Catholics,” “Casual Christians,” “Evemerists,” and “Mythicists” who tend to adopt a “naturalist” style belief system. Naturalism denies everything supernatural and paranormal. The obvious conflict of course is that Christianity itself is loaded with supernatural concepts. If it’s one thing Paulides’ research and his letter-writers have shown, it’s that one’s 6th Sense is a major tool in the toolbox that’ll help people survive, escape, and avoid negative paranormal encounters. We need to be listening to our intuition more, and learning how to sharpen our 6th sense, not dismissing it.

Interesting that not even “The Holy Land” is immune from negative paranormal encounters. It’s possible that James Pike’s liberalist convictions either attracted evil spirits or pissed off God Himself, but I tend to think that is an oversimplification. Plus in the latter possibility of “God’s wrath,” I have a hard time believing God is that cruel to liberals. I think liberals are accident prone, and tend to get themselves into a bind more than God is interested in singling out the occasional liberalist.

Regarding the substantial list of food processing plant fires at the beginning of the video, I am convinced there is a particular Abrahamic group that has a strong interest in seeing America go to war with Russia in a direct hot war. My hypothesis is this Abrahamic group is the group responsible for these fires. These fires are not for “no reason.” The media will probably try to blame these fires on Russian spies or Russian provocateurs, but it’s going to be a bullshit explanation. This is actually incredibly serious shit, in my opinion. People need to be alarmed as HELL about it and do something, but I don’t know what. Seriously, what the fuck. If it’s not the Abrahamic group I’m thinking of, then it’s possible alien greys are finally implementing their master plan Dr. David Jacobs has been warning us about – which is WAY WORSE than Abrahamists. Do I need to move out of the city now? Or do I need to move out of the city yesterday?