Psychic abilities are real

Like most people, I used to flatly disbelieve in psychics. Then I pivoted back and forth between disbelief and “maybe.” Then I was in the camp of “not worrying about it” because even if psychics are a real thing, I didn’t know if I would ever personally ever want, let alone need, the services of a psychic.

This latest video from David Paulides now has me convinced psychic abilities are real. Obviously not all people who claim to be psychics are indeed psychics – but, the same can be said for any type of a skill – from musicians to plumbers to computer programmers ad infinitum. There’s good ones, bad ones, fakes, and then there’s people that will blow you away.

Per this video, I am also incredibly intrigued by dreams. Lucid dreaming and astral projection are definitely phenomena to contend with. I myself have been trying to explore lucid dreaming and have plenty of books about it. But the concept of being able to locate a missing person via dreaming seems to be an under-explored area by dream researchers.

There appears to be some overlap between this reality and the dream reality. It reminds me a bit of the power of the ring in Lord of the Rings. What exactly is the different world the ring-wearer enters into?

People that report astral projection experiences seem to report they are seeing the actual world, just from a different perspective. My hunch is that astral projection and lucid dreaming are separate phenomena, but at least “cousins.” My hypothesis is that the ability to locate a missing person is related to astral projection, not lucid dreaming. I am saying this because it appears dreams and lucid dreams are other-worldly. Whereas astral projection seems to have connections to the world we live in.

At also appears that there are different types of skill sets that psychics have. “Flavors of” mind reading, to telepathy, to communicating with the deceased, to predicting the future. And maybe even more that that, I don’t know. Some hypothesize that everybody has the ability to learn psychic abilities. But it appears some people are born with a noticeable gift. Very similar to other types of skills, as I mentioned above.

My interest in psychics has been piqued. Perhaps I’ll visit one.