Satanism is a Jewish sect

Like Christianity and Islam, Satanism is a Jewish sect. It is Biblical “stuff” with sprinkles of Greek aesthetics mixed in. I have been saying that Satanism is the 4th major Abrahamic religion after Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and sometimes people look surprised, as though this couldn’t be possible. Alas.

Before we talk about “The Satanic Pentagram,” let’s first talk about the regular pentagram. Obviously it’s just a rudimentary geometric design anyone can draw as easily as a circle, square, or triangle. Allegedly it has its roots with Pythagoras the Greek. According to my own research, all of the information about the pentagram in the Walt Disney short-movie Donald Duck in Mathmagicland is true. Start the embedded movie here at the 2:50 mark and please watch.

Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code echoes similar information about the pentagram. (The book is great but I can’t recommend the movie.)

The pentagram is a symbol of perfect beauty because it contains the golden ratio phi (which is 1.618033988749…) and this ratio is found almost everywhere in nature. In humans, animals, plants, etc. And so great artists replicate this in art.

This YouTube video also shows how the pentagram is also part of the orbit of the planet Venus and its relationship to Earth.

Before I get started on “my thoughts” about “The Satanic Pentagram,” I can’t think of anything better to do first than to check out the research the scholar Christopher Jon Bjerknes has done on the subject. Let’s watch this video, and then I’ll add some thoughts, and we’ll discuss the use of Satanism and pentagrams in heavy metal music. You might want to take notes when watching this video.

Wasn’t that an awesome video?


1. The two pentagrams are from Kabbalah.
2. The right side up Kabbalah pentagram is called the Pentagrammaton. Maybe you’ve heard of the Tetragrammaton?
3. The right side up Kabbalah pentagram represents Yahshuah (Jesus Christ), יהשוה.
4. The upside down Kabbalah pentagram represents Leviathan, לִוְיָתָן.

The Satanic Pentagram from the Church of Satan is also called the Sigil of Baphomet. Notice it doesn’t feature the Kabbalistic names Samael and Lilith. You might want to know what a sigil is, and you might also want to know who Bapohemt is.

You might be saying: “Riddle me this, Batman. Leviathan is a serpent. So what’s the goat head doing there? Is that ‘Baphomet’?”

That is a great question. As best I can figure, Baphomet is like… “Super-Pan.” The Greek god Pan, just with more sexual powers. Drawn by Éliphas Lévi in 1856. Notice the boobs on Baphomet.

… theoretically if you have both male and female equipment you’re the ultimate in bed? Whenever you hear of “Baphomet” in the future, just think “Super-Pan.” That’s basically what he is. But the goat also seems to have a connection with the ancient Jewish scapegoat sacrifice. So I’m going to say it represents both Super-Pan (Baphomet), and the Jewish scapegoat sacrifice. This is probably somewhat convenient for satanists. As far as who is sacrificed to what – Bjerknes has done some amazing research that theorizes that in various Jewish perspectives, Jesus Christ is actually a Satanic figure meant to trick (us) Gentiles. Polemics or not, his research is worth a fair hearing. I bring this up because it’s easy to conclude from the two Kabbalistic pentagrams that “Jesus is the Godly sacrifice” and “the goat is the Satanic sacrifice.” Yes? No? Maybe? Likely so in Christian Kabbalah, but what about the rest of Kabbalah?

In ancient Jewish times, the sacrificed goat was expected to go to Azazel. Now we see the implication from the Hebrew letters around the Satanic pentagram that the goat is now going to Leviathan.

Note that goats are a prey animal. Goats have a lot of natural predators. And goats procreate like rabbits. Prey animals try and copulate a lot because that’s how their species can survive. In terms of r/K selection strategy, goats are r-selection strategists. So… now you know where the term “horny devil” comes from.

Knowing that the goat is a prey animal like a rabbit and not a badass predator animal like a lion, tiger, or bear – its use comes across a bit goofy in the aggressive varieties of heavy metal music – thrash metal, death metal, and black metal, etc. For example:

Super-Pan, indeed. Complete with a red cape like Super-man. Just as soon as Pan is done being oversexed, he’s gonna getcha? With his sword? Or with his… love-sword? …IF you know what I mean…

I think the original intention of the goat was Christianity has historically had strict views on sexual conduct, as well as negative views on sexual conduct. So the goat is something of a symbol of “sexual liberation” in the Greek Pan sense.

For those of you that are aware of the godfathers of black metal, Venom, it is worth mentioning the pentagram they used for their Welcome to Hell album is not the same pentagram used by the Church of Satan. Apparently, the Church of Satan has trademarked their symbol so no one can use it without their permission.

According to Wikipedia, the Hebrew letters Venom used represent four demons Belial (Earth), Leviathan (Water), Lucifer (Air), Satan (Fire), and then Man is represented at the southern tip of the pentagram. If you want to know a bit more about the aforementioned demons, refer to this previous article from this site.

That’s about all I got. Re-watch the videos I posted from Donald Duck and Bjerknes. Overall, my advice to you is to disabuse yourself of your exposure to Satanism constantly ruining the pentagram for you by making it sound like it’s “evil.” Relax. It’s just a five-pointed star that looks pretty.

And remember: Satanism is Jewish.