What Judaism actually is

Only about 0.00000001% of people on the planet might know for sure what Judaism actually is. Maybe? In the opinion of this website, we have recently found the most solvent theory findable. We’ll keep it short and sweet. If you enjoy your current notions of what Judaism is and you don’t want to feel like it’s been demystified and spoiled for you, you might not want to read this article. But if you want to know, read on!

Best we can tell, Judaism primarily consists of the acknowledgement of two ancient dragons. A less-bad one which we could call the “good” one, and a bad one. The good one was named Yahweh. The bad one was named Leviathan. Both were creations or descendants of another entity named El. The dragon Yahweh and its creator El (the Canaanite Saturnian God) are the main two Gods of the Jews.

If you read the Old Testament without reading the New Testament, you can see the Jewish people learning how to deal with the dragon Yahweh in their midst, as well as how to deal with other dragons and monsters in their area. The dragon Yahweh is sometimes, or usually, nice to the Jewish people. And sometimes he’s not so nice to the Jewish people. Jewish history according to the Old Testament is about Yahweh’s various plans and ideas for the Jewish people to conquer neighboring tribes, and the subsequent enactment of those plans and ideas.

We’re not making any of this up, because somebody else has already done the research and put it into a nice documentary. This is about the most solvent explanation of Judaism ever. Please watch.

Further, here is the list of sources that were used to put together the documentary. It includes exactly where you need to check in your Bible as well. You might want to make sure you get a copy of this documentary before it is banned from YouTube.

Everything else you want to know about Judaism stems from the triad of the Jewish Gods El, Yahweh, and Leviathan. In fact, even everything you want to know about the esoteric Jewish “Kabbalah” won’t make sense until you understand Yahweh was a dragon. In our opinion, if you had to boil down Kabbalah to its essence, it is Jewish people making up stories wherein the absolute anchor in every story is dependent on the premise that Yahweh was a dragon. Whether you want to know about the Tree of Life, Shekhinah, Adam & Eve, Samael & Lilith, the 6 pointed star, the menorah, modern Satanism, and on and on and on. None of it will sound solvent or congruent unless or until your first premise is: Yahweh was a dragon. Granted the Yahweh/dragon theory could be surmised to be an “opinion,” but we speculate it will be a growing opinion.

Obviously this makes Judaism sound more like a basic indigenous (aka “pagan”) religion and not the romanticized and mysterious “monotheistic” monolith beguiled fans of Judaism have told you about. It is worth emphasizing Judaism is currently viewed by the majority of people as a “mysterious” religion. People have a million questions about it, and it is easy to see people have a very difficult time getting their questions answered without feeling like they were doused in circumlocution, circular logic, polemics, or even gish gallop. It is interesting that once a mysterious thing is demystified, the power behind it is significantly muted. And it keeps articles like this one shorter and sweeter.

This is not to say dragons of history weren’t real. Or that dragons aren’t real even today. As a matter of fact, there have indeed been paranormal sightings of them in this day and age. Albeit dragon sightings are much more rare than UFO or Sasquatch sightings. Just by diving into YouTube, one could guess maybe there have been roughly 10 dragon sightings over the last 20 years? Who knows. However, dragons can be added to the larger paranormal category of “winged cryptids,” which therefore increases the number of sightings of winged cryptids.

If the ancient dragon Yahweh existed, we would guess he most likely passed away (or “disappeared” if you prefer) over 2000 years ago. Perhaps Jews that agree that Yahweh was a dragon would say that his spirit lives on. Alas, that is a perspective that can be expected from the religious. It is said that at least one of the meanings of the word “Israel” is “El prevails.” In the egregoric sense, who knows what is possible?

Regarding Christians… obviously, Christians that have said or continue to say “Yahweh” is “God” and “the father” of Jesus Christ might want to triple check exactly where they stand on that. The Christian story of Jesus Christ obviously probably doesn’t flow quite the way Christians intend it to when you consider Yahweh was a dragon. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if Catholic popes have always understood Yahweh was a dragon.