American Christian Nationalism

I’m of the type that left the American left. And it was very amusing watching leftists spaz out back in 2016 when Trump won the American presidency. Alas, things have devolved…

A portion of the American right seems to be acquiring a moral compass, however, the moral compass is accompanied by Christianity. And deep in the trenches we have the likes of a very young Catholic man named Nick Fuentes, and his base of fans sometimes called “The Groypers.” The majority of of this new base seem to be in an emerging “Christian Nationalist” camp, and even chant “Christ is King!” from time to time at their rallies.

I have 3 words, and my 3 words are this: “Oh, fuck it.”

Wake me when it’s over? I mean what is the point of voting really? A tyrannical and idiotic left versus a fundamentalist religious right? Sure, I can make lots of popcorn and watch the fireworks, but also, this sucks. You won’t find me in the “public square.” Fuck all these people and leave me alone, thanks. Who will win the 2024 presidency? I have no idea who, but I’m pretty sure whoever it is will be an idiot, an asshole, and an embarrassment. F.

Is it so hard to have pedestrian normalcy in the USA? Apparently so.