Cults, Enterprises, and Hypnosis

Before I begin, RIP, Mr. Jordan Maxwell.

What really makes a religion toxic? Most people like to give the three major Abrahamic religions a pass as benign and non-toxic. That’s a big mistake, in my opinion. Not only are these religions toxic, they can be just as dangerous as cults. When you’re in conversation with somebody who is either in a cult or “may as well be in a cult, for all intents and purposes,” how would you know?

What they do is confuse the following:

1) Facts and truth,
2) Opinions, theories, and statements of belief.

So for example, a Jewish person will tell you Christians are idol worshippers destined for Hell. Or a Christian will tell you Jesus lived a perfect life. Or a Moslem will tell you there is only 1 God, and that is Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.

Normal people will say, “Ok, that an interesting premise or proposition you have there.” But that just starts things. These believers will respond with, “This is a fact.” A normal person will respond again saying, “Well, that’s actually your opinion that that’s a fact.” The believer will be further triggered and say, “No, this is not my opinion, this is a fact.”

This is probably where the normal person should just walk away. Further engagement, debate, or discussion isn’t worth your time. Because, you’ll get into “the science” of it all, asking for things like evidence or even corroborating evidence. And these people will present to you their religious textbooks that have some kind amazing recursive or self-referential property to it. This does two magical things.

1) It gives religious textbooks special exemption or immunity from ordinary science and research. They might say you can subject their holy book to science and research, but it is not necessary to do so.
2) Magically… this exemption, immunity, or unnecessaryness simultaneously elevates their religious textbooks to the status of facts & truth.

Just for fun, you can ask an Abrahamist of this mindset how they would confront another Abrahamic brother or sister with the same mindset. This might take a little effort, because at first they might not understand what you are saying. But you can ask “What would you do when somebody of a different Abrahamic faith tells you they have the facts – and the truth – and their facts and truth are not opinions?” You have to reiterate about 5 or 6 times that you won’t be able to change the other person’s mind through discussion or debate.

Isn’t that interesting?

I posted the Jordan Maxwell video because I believe he is on to something with hypnosis, enterprises, and people getting hypnotized or even downright brainwashed into somebody else’s enterprise where there is about ZERO return on investment for them in this lifetime.

You might be curious to acquire as much information about hypnosis as possible. I recommend this book by Brian M. Alman and Peter Lambrou. In the beginning of the book, they more or less tell you hypnosis opportunities or “temptations” are everywhere. Movies, plays, rock concerts, night clubs, good books, great speeches, good salesmanship, product advertising, cults, and even Abrahamic churches or other religious centers from major world religions you thought were totally benign… All of these things have the capacity to hypnotize their participants, patrons, customers, etc. They are argue that you have probably already been hypnotized many times in life, it’s just that you just weren’t exactly aware that that’s what was happening.

That’s not to say all the hypnosis you’ve been through has been all bad. Some of it was probably pretty awesome, you liked it, and in some cases you liked it so much you repeated it.

In my opinion, we all get more sober and rational as we age. And there comes a point when we start to look at the things we’re involved with more critically. Probably the major instigator for this criticism is one’s subconscious mind will start to make inquiries with their conscious mind about returns on investment, aka ROI.

We’re all getting to a point in our lives where we’re looking for a little more than “just a good time.”

Unless you are pathologically altruistic, or maybe you just enjoy altruism from time to time, it would appear Christian churches are communist enterprises with the purposes of self-enrichment first, and wealth redistribution “giving to the poor” second. Some people actually believe they should give 10% of their life’s earnings to the church. That’s probably a whole lot less common today, but churches are always taking donations and not paying taxes. (Although the Church of Satan pays taxes by choice.)

If the religion doesn’t really serve your direct personal interests in this life, it begs the question: “How did these things get started anyway?” I at least have a hypothesis for that. Because of what this website is about, maybe you can guess what the hypothesis is going to be.

Hypothesis: The main function of religion is to offer some kind of protection against negative paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained events. It is mostly about keeping the “human family” protected and intact, but it also has concern for animals, and to an extent the environment.

Further, it seems most religions have ethnic or racial roots simply because their origins are in small numbers of a particular demographic. But as different ethnicities and races come to find neighbors and other demographics of the overall human family, their religions adapt in various ways to accommodate that. Although obviously sometimes religions are maladaptive and not accommodating at all, and will adopt a cookbook (Twilight Zone episode 89) theology against outsiders.

My opinion is the human family has devolved and taken several steps backwards. Nowadays, we have the rise of naturalism – the world view that rejects everything paranormal and supernatural. It has its basis in science, which seems like a natural origin for it. However it has somehow spread to religious people to where they are “religious in name only” – for example the Christian that is actually a mythicist or evemerist but will go to church on Christmas or Easter because “why not?” or “maybe they can get laid” etc. While scientists and researchers of the naturalist persuasion have contributed a great deal to humanity, we at this website claim their world view is wholly incorrect. Negative paranormal and supernatural phenomenon continues to exist and persist and it will have to be dealt with by the human family one way or another.

What has happened to religion is a mess. On the one hand there’s supernaturalistic charismatic churches that are speaking in tongues and performing exorcisms all the time. I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest 99.999% of the time, that shit is fake and can be chalked up to much more scientific psychological explanations. Those churches are all enterprises. And on the other hand, you have lukewarm casual Christian churches where everybody in the pews sings like dogshit and they’re really there for just the coffee and meet & greet after the service. I haven’t taken a poll or anything, but it’s likely at least 50% of these people don’t believe in demonic possessions or anything paranormal. You could probably round it to the lowest common denominator that those congregations are agnostic when it comes to paranormal and and supernatural issues. The result is those churches are all enterprises as well. I’d speculate maybe 1/4th of the Christian demographic is nutty and charismatic, and 3/4ths of the Christian demographic is lukewarm and boring. It is the agnostic, science-believing, lukewarm and boring kind that is completely, 100%, detached from the original function of religion. If religion is supposed to protect you from evil spirits but you don’t believe in evil spirts and you’re going to church anyway, I guess you’re some of closet communist that doesn’t mind a bit of sly wealth redistribution. More fool you.

Obviously, once you get people believing in invisible entities that are beyond the 5 senses, you can easily take advantage of them. Hell, you can take them to the cleaners if you want to. I think that’s what we see with the supernaturalistic charismatic churches, and for most people outside those churches that’s pretty obvious. I would categorize what those churches do as spiritual abuse. Worse, it is spiritual abuse at a time where we need to take a much more calm, cool, collected, rational, and sober look at paranormal phenomenon. So you can see where humanity has had an original human need, and organized religion has come along to try and solve it, but, it quickly got corrupted and exploited people. This is not an illogical conclusion, and it’s pretty easy to see how this could happen and how it has happened.

To that end, I don’t know what to do with Abrahamic authorities and clergy. If you need one for an exorcism or to get rid of a Sasquatch or something, in my opinion, you have to vet them like you would any other service provider. You can find psychics and plumbers on So… Abrahamic exorcists should start advertising their services there too. We live in a marketplace, and if Abrahamic authorities and clergy want to stay relevant, they need to step it up.

In the meantime, beware of any religious person who doesn’t understand their religious persuasions are actually opinions and beliefs, and that they are placing a bet on particular theories they have favored. Religious people that tell you they have “the facts” and “the truth” are going to bring you trouble.

And you might also want to do a little self-analysis and ask yourself what enterprises you’re part of that aren’t giving you enough return on investment. If you read this website, you’re probably not a church goer. But what about your job? Or your neighborhood bar? What kind of life-habits do you have? It has once been said: “Life is all about trade-offs.”