Missing 411 – David Paulides – Missing Person Cases from BC, Maine, Michigan

I need to start reviewing these video presentations more.

I’ll probably add more to this article later?

But for now, I wanted to make a couple comments. 1 serious, and 1 pedestrian. I’ll start with the pedestrian comment first: FUCK STEVIA. Stevia is a lie. C’mon Dave, stop drinking stevia beverages.

Now for the serious comment. I found it very intriguing that the alien mantis-beings went away due to the victim focusing her mind on rage. Paulides says it’s the first time he’s heard that. But… maybe not? Not quite, anyway. Steve Isdahl, a friend of Paulides in fact, has said that when goes out into the wilderness he will sometimes give off or generally broadcast “mental threats” in his mind towards Sasquatch which he says includes pretty hard profanities and obscenities. So, both circumstances are dealing with the paranormal, and both protection methods are related to hate and anger.

I have heard paranormal protection accounts using the name of Jesus. However, the Christian Bigfoot researcher Scott Carpenter says he will use the name of Jesus during a prayer that rebukes the Sasquatch. Rebuking might not be the exact same as hate or anger, but it’s at least a cousin.

And alien researcher Dr. David Jacobs has mentioned at least one case of a Moslem woman warding off an alien mindscan by reciting an Islamic prayer or mantra. Say what you want about Islam, but Moslems are pretty hateful and vicious when they want to be. They’re not known for pacifism.

I have been theorizing that for example “the name of Jesus” may not be the actual mechanism that derives success against the negative paranormal entities. Thus it is not “what” is said, but perhaps “how” it is said. Even exorcists in The Exorcist movie series sound like they’re pretty fucking angry with the entities they’re exorcising.

So is it hate? Anger? Rage? Anyway, very very intriguing.