Humans are, and will always be carnivores

While the bottom is falling out of Western civilization, this is a great time to get the facts straight about who we humans are. Whether you are interested in nutrition, or trying to lose a little weight, or have some concerns about your overall health, I strongly encourage you to sit through some interviews of ex-vegans.

There is a guy that goes by the online names of “Sv3rige” and “Goatis.” (I think the former is pronounced as “Sverige.”) His website is I don’t know the details of his personal story, but he was once a vegan himself and has said he almost died from it. He boomeranged back to life by finding himself a diet of raw meat, raw eggs, and raw milk which has paid enormous dividends. He is an anti-vegan activist and he has interviewed many, many ex-vegans. He also appears to be a fan of European black metal music, but I digress.

I have found his interviews with ex-vegans wildly fascinating, all of them reporting strikingly similar patterns of illness, both mental and physical. And all of them reporting strikingly similar recovery stories landing them into diets of raw milk, raw eggs, and raw meat. Perhaps this is called the “primal diet.”

Sv3rige does other videos as well about his personal philosophies that are squarely anchored in two unmovable facts:

1. Humans are meant to have an animal based diet.
2. The two food groups of Bread & grains, and Fruits & vegetables are unnatural, undigestible, and toxic.

And from there more facts can be derrived. For example, the agricultural industry surrounding bread, grains, fruits, and vegetables is all man-made. And, it is destroying the environment.

I have binge-watched the hell out of his videos, especially the ex-vegan interviews. They truly put the “awe” into awesome. And if you want more, Sv3rige even has a documentary entitled The NWO DIEt.

Sure, you can find other advocates of the carnivore, nose-to-tail eating, primal diet. But with Sv3rige’s video archives, you will find yourself on a solid philosophical foundation as to why you should be eating raw animal foods.

I will spare you my personal story, but over the past few weeks I have started eating raw eggs, raw meat, raw liver, and drinking a lot of raw milk. It’s a new journey for me.

The facts 1 & 2 I mentioned above are going to force everyone to upgrade their philosophical perspectives about everything. Why? Well I’m glad you asked that. I’ll start with 3 areas as examples. 1) Religions, 2) Space Exploration, 3) The Paranormal. And as a bonus, I’ll discuss a couple of Bible impacts.


Let’s pretend for a second that Buddhism and Christianity are the top two “serious religions” that religion-curious people will logically be interested in. (Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism are crap. Shinto and other religions are too small to use as an example.) Both Buddhism and Christianity have an ascetic class that many people whether they are religious or not will take seriously and even admire. This ascetic class dominates the leadership in both religions. By asceticism, here’s what we are talking about as per the wikipedia page on asceticism: “a lifestyle characterized by abstinence from sensual pleasures, often for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goals.” You don’t have to look too hard to find vegetarian and vegan monks and nuns of both religions.

There are massive problems with this. As Sv3rige points out at the close of most of his videos,

Vitamin A
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal, pyridoxamine)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin F
Vitamin K2

That’s 15 items (if you count B6 pyridoxal and pyridoxamine as 2). No amount of religious meditation or prayer or papal “hoc est corpustransubstantiation is going to magically put these nutrients in you. You can only get it by eating animals.

I theorize that Westerners with any amount of narcissistic tendencies are perhaps the most vulnerable prey to the cults of veganism. Easterners in earlier times might have chosen veganism due to a lack of available food in their neighborhood? Generally, lack of food is perhaps a better excuse than narcissism. But you will notice vegetarian/vegan monks, nuns, and clergy AND Western “hipster” vegetarian/vegans overlap in terms of having a superiority complex. Buddhism and Christianity both hold the “meek,” the “modest,” and the “poor” in high esteem. A great way to fall on to that honor role is to simply choose a vegetarian or vegan diet and this will surely land you the karma, dharma, nirvana, or ascension these religions promise.

If you didn’t know, there is apparently a slippery slope of eating disorders:

Pescetarianism (vegetarian plus fish),
Vegetarianism (veganism plus eggs, cheese, & butter),
Veganism (no animal products whatsoever),
Fruitarianism (eating exclusively fruit),
and lastly: Breatharianism.

Breatharianism is literally the category for people that claim they don’t eat at all. YouTube it. It exists. These days, these eating disorders are basically government and corporate endorsed anorexia. Somewhere there is a 4chan meme: “What kind of government endorsed anorexic are you?” But my point is, it is important to know many religions hold eating disorders as noble or even holy.

Space Exploration

We have all of these dreams of sending people to Mars and beyond, don’t we? We are looking for “life on other planets” aren’t we? We want to see how plants grow on the international space station, don’t we? Well, we need to re-calibrate.

We’re looking for planets that have animals already on them that we can eat. Because bread, fruits, and vegetables will kill us.

Ok, let’s say we go to Mars to terraform it. Many people think “agriculture!” when they think of terraforming. What we need to think now is “a place where animals can live and thrive” when we think of terraforming. If you’re a fan of Isaac Arthur‘s YouTube content, you can see how some of his big ideas will need to be adjusted to accommodate the fact that we need to eat animals. We can’t grow stuff that we can eat. We have to grow stuff animals can eat so that we can eat the animals. We might be at the top of the food chain, but that means we’re also the last animal necessary on the new planet.

So… why the fuck do we care about how plants grow in space? We need a lot more than the International Space Station. We need a goddamn MOTHERSHIP. Something large enough that contains a “range” where we can have “free range cows and chickens.” Or, it’s been said before by somebody else that this planet we are on, Earth, (aka Gaia?) is already a spaceship. To me, that’s a little more profound now that I know we need to eat animals. Did you know that people in the ISS get a God-complex when they’re up there? They report “looking down” on us, and “thinking of all of the problems down there.” It’s like they’re honorary vegans.

The Paranormal

There’s so many areas of the paranormal to re-calibrate, but we can start with aliens and Sasquatch for the purposes of this article.

Aliens. Generally, aliens are humanoid (humanoidal). By humanoid, I mean bipedal, one head, two eyes, two arms, two legs. We can assume humanoid also means top-of-the-foodchain. Is it any wonder they are stealing livestock? Any animal that we would eat, they are also probably interested in. We are carnivores. They are carnivores too. We simply have to assume that. I don’t know if anybody knows for sure “how” they eat, or “how” they eliminate their waste. But we need to assume they are carnivore. Why is our planet attractive? Two reasons. 1) We have animals on it. 2) New animals can be introduced to it.

Sasquatch. If you’re on a primal diet, we have to assume you’re inadvertently pursuing the same type of diet the Sasquatch eats. Raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk. (It’s been theorized the Sasquatch have been known to milk farmers’ cows dry.) In David Paulides’s book Bigfoot, Wildmen, & Giants, he shares articles that indicate that in the past some Sasquatch have used fire to cook their haul (*the catch from their hunt*). Although now they don’t appear to use fire for cooking anymore. Another thing Sasquatch aren’t doing and have never done is agriculture. They are not growing crops for a harvest nor are they worried about using the stars as a farmer’s almanac.

Many Sasquatch encounterers report that the Sasquatch they saw was “ripped” or “built like the biggest body builder they’ve seen, only bigger.” Well… that just goes to show what the primal diet can do for you, doesn’t it? These things might lift up trees and rocks now and again, but they’re not lifting weights at a gym in the middle of the forest. They’re also not doing any running, jogging, or marathons for “sport.” It might be amusing to note Sv3rige generally gives runners a bad rap (he says, “obviously they hate themselves”) and preaches that we need to follow nature more. Well, the Sasquatch are one group Sv3rige doesn’t need to preach to. If it’s one thing the Sasquatch are probably doing exactly perfectly, it’s following their nature. On the one hand it’s kind of funny to think about, but on the other hand it’s also fascinating, and in my opinion, even kind of scary.

Biblical Stuff

The easiest Old Testament story to remember in the Bible is the Adam and Eve story. I keep thinking of the Snake, or rather, The Devil, convincing Eve to eat the Apple. If you’ve listened to any ex-fruitarian interview you’ll learn that all fruits are horrible for you. Most “keto diet” advocates will say, “the fructose is bad for you but it’s ok because you’re getting much-needed fiber!” Well, the new news about fiber is that fiber is bullshit. Fiber is undigestible. Over a long enough period of time, fruitarians will clog their bodies so full of fiber so they can no longer defecate. Ex-vegans arriving at the conclusion that “necessary fiber” is a MYTH has interesting consequences for the Adam and Eve story. The entire Apple was/is poison! I’m not saying don’t ever eat an apple again, but recognize that it is equivalent to a Hershey bar or a Beer. You’re only eating it because it’s “fun.” It’s an unnecessary luxury item.

In the Old Testament, the story that nobody really remembers much (except the Jews) is the story of Jacob and Esau. Esau is the hairy man. Jacob is the smooth skinned man. If you don’t remember the story, in a nutshell, the father of Jacob and Esau was Isaac. And Isaac gave Esau’s birthright to Jacob. Fun fact, Jacob won Esau’s birthright because he deceived his father. Bigfoot researchers like Scott Carpenter believe that bigfoot is descended from Esau. Mythology or not, it is interesting to consider how these hairy “brothers and sisters” (?I guess that’s what the mythology suggests?) of ours behave and take care of themselves on this planet. They have certainly taken a completely different path. It should be noteworthy that Jews consider Esau as bad and Jacob as good. Yet, here we are in Biblical terms “descendants of Jacob” and many are seeing that the Esaunian way of life is more natural and in some ways “better” than the Jacobian way of life. Descendants of Esau are definitely in touch with nature. Descendants of Jacob are almost completely out of touch with nature. But, we fly on airplanes and the Sasquatch do not.

I personally understand the OT Jacob & Esau story to be a myth, that is, not a historical thing that happened. Even so, did Jews get the morality of that story wrong? Should Jews consider updating the morality of that story to say that Esau “wasn’t so bad after all” because he was at least learning how to live in nature? Do those that feel red-meat-is-bad feel this way because red meat is something only “monsters” like to eat? Well, to the Jews & Christians concerned about their own health, are the monsters on this planet on to something or not? I’d say the monsters are onto something, and way ahead of the game.