There will be no 2nd coming of Christ for Christians, and no moshiach for Jews

It’s time to start bursting the messiah bubbles. Christians and Jews that talk about their respective messiahs sound extremely similar, but they act a bit differently.

What are these messiah entities anyway? They are egregores. From wikipedia, an egregore is a “concept representing a non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people.” These religions are trying to make their egregores manifest into reality. Well, it’s time to give them the bad news.

You might believe Christians and Jews have goals in this world. How do they go about achieving them? Christians tend to fold their arms, do nothing, say nothing, and go about their lives like bad shit won’t ever effect them. Not all Christians, but that’s the trend for the majority. Jewish people tend to be more quixotic. They have all of these hopes and dreams of what it will look like when they are finally getting the respect they think they deserve, but when you look at a map of the globe and the tiny space Israel actually takes up, it looks like a more logical strategy is to “give up.”

One wonders how their Abrahamic brothers, the Moslems, are doing? To review: the message of Islam is about monotheism and a day of judgment. They theoretically have a messiah they’re waiting for called the Mahdi, but for whatever reason he is not even mentioned in the Quran. It appears they might have a bit of messiah-envy. But, add the Mahdi to the list of people who aren’t coming. Generally, Islam is beyond the scope of my articles. I know little about the religion other than they do a bad job of sales and marketing. Note that “force” is not equal to “a sale.”

Christian 2nd-comingers tend to be of either two types. One type thinks Jesus is coming pretty soon, and the other type thinks Jesus is coming many generations in the future. In both cases, the Jesus-2 is a magical and ethereal entity sent from heaven. Which might actually be a little more palatable compared to how Jews believe they are going to get their moshiach.

Jewish 1st-comingers are different. They think their messiah/moshiach will not be a magical or ethereal entity, but rather a regular man who becomes the undisputed leader of their people. He’s going to take power, keep power, stabilize power, and grow the country. Similar but different to how Donald Trump almost was the undisputed leader for conservative Americans in 2016. But of course the moshiach will be racially Jewish. And the moshiach will have way more success than Trump ever had, for example, a moshiach would have easily secured a “second term” in office. So what Israel has to do is find a Jewish version of Donald Trump who will take their country into a direction very similar to a style of country like … North Korea. Say what you want about North Korea, but the family in power has kept power and stabilized power. And to my knowledge, they did it without a base of North Koreans dreaming of a messiah or waving religious texts at their neighbors trying to convince them of trite sayings like, “if you will it, it is no dream.

What are the odds of the North Koreanization of Israel via a moshiach? Beyond slim. Now compare it to the odds of something like Iran wiping Israel off the map. Or, a 2nd Jewish diaspora because America and Europe decide to stop supporting Israel. Or maybe nothing will happen at all and 10 generations from now the situation in Israel will be exactly the same as it is today. Over the next 10 generations, which is more likely to happen? If you were a betting man, would you bet on a Jewish moshiach?

What people don’t want to believe is that there are actual limitations in life that are very real. Let’s use vegans, for example. Vegans will not be able to get vitamin B12 with their diet. No amount of meditation or prayer will add vitamin B12 into fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, or breads. Nor will any amount of meditation or prayer make B12 arrive into the vegan’s body by the grace of God. However, a vegan can decide to do more research about their diet and quit their vegan ways in order to get B12. Now let’s substitute vitamin B12 for a simple a la carte political item a person may want. The lesson is, there is a roadmap to getting something, and unless you get on that map and follow that map, you won’t achieve your goal. Meditation and prayer are thus only useful in revealing a particular roadmap to you.

Is there a roadmap to Jesus #2? Nope. In fact 2nd-comingers say things like, “wait for the sign.” People have seen ufos and Bigfoot, and have even heard trumpets. Ok, so where is Jesus #2? Unless you want to take the mystical explanation of “Jesus is inside you,” he’s not here.

Is there a roadmap to the moshiach? Nope. Being high on your own supply of religiosity is not a roadmap. It’s funny because Jewish people start out on the right path by saying their moshiach is going to be somebody “of this world” but then they do a line of their “religion-cocaine” and start talking about their quixotic geo-political goals that include “exterminating” non-Jews. Sounds like a great way to get a Darwin-award. They may as well adopt the magical and ethereal type of concept that Christians have for Jesus #2. It’s at least safer.

Waiting around for something that’ll never happen is basically “loitering.” The lesson from this article is if you think you need to be saved from something, then it’s up to you to save yourself. If you eat meat, set real goals, and are good at dealing with people, then there’s a good chance you can accomplish many of the things you want to accomplish in this life. Don’t put a lot of trust into anyone who is waiting for a messiah, because people like that can let you down and waste your time.