About this site

Welcome to the site. This site is about politics, religion, and the paranormal. We’re here to talk about weird shit and chew bubble gum. And we’re all out of bubble gum. To start, some of the information sources regularly frequented by yours truly are:

Aaron Wright & Benjamin Grundy – Mysterious Universe
Richard Dolan – Richard Dolan Members
David Paulides – CanAm Missing
Steve Isdahl – The Facts by How to Hunt
Wes Germer – Sasquatch Chronicles
Andrew Mark Henry – Religion for Breakfast
Sv3rige – Sv3rige dot com

Some of our deepest core values are:

1. Congruence
2. Solvency
3. Intellectual Honesty

Things we believe in:

1. Science
2. Magic

This site addresses:

1. Realism
2. Problems of the supernatural and paranormal
3. American politics and world politics

The writing style of the articles on this website vary from 1st person singular, to 1st person group, to 3rd person singular, to 3rd person group. The reason for occasionally writing in a “we” sense is because the ideas presented on this website are intended to be be shared, and not owned by just one person. In fact, almost all of the ideas presented originate from other sources and in that sense these ideas are already shared by other people. Perhaps only the particular combinations or fusions of ideas are what are unique.

The primary spiritual and religious philosophy of the main author, yours truly, is Ho’oponopono. The author is a general theist. Additional philosophies include Platonism, Animism, Ancient Astronaut theory, human multi-origin theory, and traditionalism.