Reductio ad Dignitas Meae

If you’ve been following this Ukraine-Russia event, maybe you’ve taken some time to view some of the hearings at the UN, and maybe you’ve noticed the US representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield say things like: “We’re not going to give any more airtime to the lies that you’re hearing today.” Continue reading

The World’s 2nd Oldest Profession

The world’s oldest profession is prostitution.

The world’s 2nd oldest profession is politics.

These two are basically the same thing. A prostitute is a woman who is paid to sacrifice her most important characteristic, her sexual propriety, for the highest amount of money possible. And she does this over and over again, making a living, and eventually calling this her career. Continue reading

Free Speech and Pride

In my first post about the United States of America, I questioned the First Amendment – specifically in the way it pertains to religion. And I labelled the First Amendment as “idealistic” and “romantic.”

But the way the First Amendment is written it starts with the word “Congress” and it’s talking about what congress isn’t going to do. It is not talking about “you” and what “you” aren’t going to do. It’s not talking about your neighbors, or your family and relatives, or your friends. Continue reading

“Why do you hate America so much?”

“Why do you hate America so much?”

Lol, this is one of my favorite questions. C’mon now, I don’t hate America it’s just my opinion that its status as “country” died. America as an Economic Zone isn’t the worst place you can live in. In fact, there are clear benefits to living in the USA-EZ.

The USA-EZ has the best food & beverage matrix you can possibly imagine. It is by far the most diverse because America is the most diverse. And if you don’t care for food & beverage diversity, our fast food matrix is 2nd-to-NONE. I too, just like former President Donald Trump, enjoy McDonalds. Continue reading

What is, the United States of America

What is the United States of America? This shouldn’t be too difficult to explain, however, to really understand the heart of a nation, in my opinion, it is important to take a look at the race and the religion of a nation. And in the USA’s case, we need to make it plural and add a couple of s’s. The races and religions.

It is important to note of the indigenous races and religions of “the land” before the land became “a country.” It is also important to note what “the country” is now, because as I said in my previous blog entry – the United Stated of America died on 9/11/2001. In the blog entry I said, “it is likely” the country died. Continue reading