The Freemasonry Question

Strangely, to understand what’s going on, we have to understand Freemasonry. The embedded video here is by Altiyan Childs. He’s the latest man to produce a video explaining (and exposing) Freemasonry, and it’s a good video. Of course, you can feel free to skip the video if you know a thing or two about Freemasonry. But if you don’t know anything about it, it’s not at all a bad start. Continue reading

Deadly Sins vs Life-ly Virtues

I thought I would brainstorm a bit about deadly sins. The opposite could be called “noble virtues” but instead I think “life-ly virtues” sounds more truly opposite. (Conjugating life into life-ly instead of lively.) If you search around online you might find a list of 7 Heavenly Virtues or 7 Contrary Virtues. In this edited article, I posit there are actually 8 deadly sins and 8 heavenly virtues! Continue reading