Psychic abilities are real

Like most people, I used to flatly disbelieve in psychics. Then I pivoted back and forth between disbelief and “maybe.” Then I was in the camp of “not worrying about it” because even if psychics are a real thing, I didn’t know if I would ever personally ever want, let alone need, the services of a psychic. Continue reading

Missing 411 – David Paulides Presents Cases from Israel, Colorado & Montana

May 1, 2022. This video contains the following missing person cases:
A. M. Burroughs, 70 Years, Missing Sept 29, 1928, Westcliffe, CO
James Pike, 56 Years, Missing Sept 1, 1969, Judean Wilderness, Israel
William Faber, 74 Years, Missing July 20, 1934, Glacier, National Park Continue reading

Missing 411 – where to start?

I don’t know about you, but the person I start with is David Paulides and the website I start with is either his YouTube channel or his website CanAm Missing dot com. Read his books or watch his videos and you’ll likely be convinced the globe has a serious and ongoing missing persons phenomenon going on. (And I’m not talking about the 80’s rock band. Lol, is, or was, Paulides a fan of that band?) Continue reading